Welcome to my Bonneville Page.
On her way home from NJ. this car was painted code (Y) Tag on body says (V) gold.
After I get done it should look like the one the right.
On her way home from NJ.  to Ohio
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Got car in shopStarted marking parts and removel.
Started removing and tagging all parts and LOC.
Pixs of work of lower right panel.
Pixs of work of lower right quarter panel.
got the doors out of the way till its time to fix them.cutting out rot in trunk seal.made new chanels to weld infits good, looks good.
Pixs of work of in trunk seal area.
Pixs of what needs done. more rot then what was let on. but no one is to blame. its hard to see with car put together.
Core support repair.
bead rollerhand made shaperblasterPowder coatting overbrakedrivers side well badcore done
Core support repair. hand made all parts.
You can not buy body parts for this car.
you can see it fills my shop upall frame bolts are out.Dave Mayne and myself installing a home made body lifter.Dave and my self locking in a home made body lifterWanting to get to work today.My Wife Lynn
Time for the body to get off the frame.
My self and Dave Mayne and Joe Patton
Well the body is off the frame, now real work can start. 
that was a lot of work. hands all burned up from welding.
all done up there.
Starting on the Fame
Other Adams Rod Jobs
Back to work!
Well the summer of cruisen is done here in Ohio, all other rods are done and shop is closed for the winter. Now I can work on my rides. Started tonight on rear deck pan. A lot of rot. got another from a buddy doner car. here are some pixs.
need a tail light pan real badly.found my data sheet. and you guessed it. Its crap. you can see its dust. Guess I got to call PHS and try to get one. $60.00 wow way to much.this is all you can make out from it.got a lot of work to do.heres the donner.cutting it out.Here is a real good look at what you don't see when buying a car that has been re done. but not done right. Now it will be done right.Cutting out all the rot.
My wife comes first in my life. she has been in hell with me, Im still healing from the heart atck
Im a little slower now, and its going to take time for me to re learn everything I use to know.
Customer are still wanting me to help them. But they dont care if I live or die. 
<JUST FIX THERE SHIT> Sorry Im Closed!!!!! And not I will not sell the car my wife got for me!