1969 Pontiac Firebird Job
Named: RUSH RUSH Job

This is how most of the jobs I do show up at my shop.
Why others try to build a car or hot rod without doing the research about what it takes to take on a job like this is amazing to me. I'm far from an expert on auto builds, but at least I've got a clue. And from what others tell me, I do a wonderful job.

When so-cal real body men show up at my shop they always comment on how trashy my shop is, or even my house. Tell you what smart ass, This is not just a house, It's a home with real love between myself & my wife.  I'm richer then you will ever be. Money only bring hardship, lost love, and fake friends.

I know a lot of people, but only have a few real friends in my life.
Some think they fool me, but there only fooling them self's!

By the way, I don't need any more friends. I got to many as it is. I just like building rods and love driving history down the road. It's all about POWER over your foot. And GOD!
As you can see from the pixs, a lot of work is being done to make the body for color.
So much welding was done to save this old gal. looking good.
Off to paint shop for her red color he picked.